The 3 Best Business Card Holders of 2019

Having the perfect business card holder can be a great accessory and tool. And picking the right one for the job can help up your professionalism and establish a more polished presence. But when it comes to choosing a business card holder, it’s important to realize that they have both different looks and functions. A slim profile just for business cards might be precisely what you need for a big networking event, but if you find yourself hosting frequent desk-side meetings, a display holder might make more sense. And having a single business card holder for both your business cards and credit cards (to expense client lunches!) might be better for daily use. To help you decide which is right for you, we put together a thoughtful list of the best business card holders, so the next time you head to a big meeting you can swap contact info in style.

Best Under $10: MaxGear Leather Business Card Holder
People love leather because it is both durable and flexible. The quality of this particular leather card holder stands up to the test of time. The Max Gear Leather Business Card Holder is made of brown PU leather. It is gender neutral and it is capable of holding up to 25 cards, although it fits 20 and under more comfortably.

Best Display Holder: MaxGear Metal Mesh Business Card Holder

When either an existing client or potential client walks into your office, be sure to have a business card readily available. Business cards should be used as a tool to get referrals and get potential clients to convert into paid clients. Having a business card holder displayed on your desk is the easiest and most convenient way to make them available. The best quality of a display holder is when the business card can be seen unobstructed.

The black metal frame holder by MaxGear gets the job done. It is inexpensive, lightweight and more durable than any plastic holder. It can hold up to 50 business cards and comes in a three-pack. Why do you need three? You may need them to make your entire office look cohesive or maybe you want to use them for more than business cards. The Business Collection holders work great to hold your phone or display a laminated sign or photo. Purchasing this holder as a single is an option, too.

Best High-End: RFID-Blocking MGCFTan Business Card Holder
It is easy to assume most people using a business card holder may want to include their credit cards and identification in it. If you are looking to slim down your wallet, then this is a great way to do so. This business card holder is made out of carbon fiber (the same material used to create exotic cars and high-end sporting equipment). It checks off all the must-haves, including its RFID blocking capabilities. RFID blocking means it can effectively block any electromagnetic method of transmitting small amounts of data thieves use to steal your credit card information. The other notable feature is its ultra slim design. It easily slides into your front pocket and is light as a feather. The Glossy Carbon holder has four card slots with each slot able to hold 1 to 2 cards.

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